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  Mr. Toshihide Yamamoto 氏のEMドライブの追試状況について
   http://npoastro.wixsite.com/ link 
   出版元 : Sterling Gate Books 
   著者  : James Morcan  (Author), Lance Morcan  (Author),
         Grant Hayman (Foreword), Takaaki Musha (Introduction)
   価格  :  $13.99(Paperback), $2.76(Kindle)
  amazon link
   1 A covert civilization 
   2 Area 51 
   3 Roswell 
   4 Area 51 accounts from insiders 
   5 Close encounters of the fourth kind 
   6 The case for manmade technologies 
   7 Disinforming the public 
   8 Einstein’s unified field theory 
   9 Reverse engineering 
   10 Other UFO theories 
   Connecting the dots 
   Afterword by Dr. Takaaki Musha 
   It also appears there may once again exist a possible connection 
   with Japan in regards to these technologies. Japanese scientist 
   Dr. Takaaki Musha informed us of an interrelated UFO account during 
   our research. 
   The story concerns Dr. Musha’s father, Haruo Musha (1924-2011).
    “My father, Haruo, who was a military officer at the time of 
     World War Two, told me that he was ordered to be trained in 
     Manchukuo(the wartime Japanese-occupied Manchuria in Northern 
     China) to become the pilot of a super advanced fighter plane 
     delivered from Germany with other advanced technologies such as 
     the atomic bomb. The Japanese Imperial Army had secret facilities 
     there and developed weapons including advanced fighters.”
   Dr. Musha continues, 
    “General Kanji Ishiwara, who established Manchukuo, had a plan 
     to develop an advanced fighter which would be able to fly at 
     high speed around the world without refueling
     He wanted to prepare for the last war with the United States 
     in Manchukuo.”
    “As a younger man, Ishiwara had studied in Germany and it is 
     possible he connected with the Nazis at some point in his career 
     and learnt about their antigravity technologies in active 
   It seems there could be some kind of connecting thread between the 
   Nazis, the Japanese and the Roswell UFO crash.
 タイトル:New Frontiers in Space Propulsion
 価格  :210ドル
New Frontiers in Space Propulsion Science Part I
 - The Environment and Some History Related to ‘Advanced’ Space Propulsion Science 
  by P. A. Murad, Morningstar Applied Physic, LLC, Vienna, VA, USA 
New frontiers in Space Propulsion Science Part II
 - Approaches to Push the New Frontiers 
  by P. A. Murad, Morningstar Applied Physic, LLC, Vienna, VA, USA 
Fusion Space Probe-Viper 
  by Akshata Krishnamurthy, George H. Miley,
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA 
The Photonic Railway 
  by Young K. Bae, Y.K. Bae Corporation, Tustin, CA, USA 
General Relativistic Gravity Machines and Electromagneto
 -Toroidal Structure of E-M Field 
  by Takaaki Musha, Mario J.Pinheiro,
    Advanced Sci.-Tech. Research Organization, Yokohama, Japan, and others
Possibility for Exploiting Zero-Point Fields of the Quantum Vacuum for Propulsion
  by H. David Froning Jr, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    University of Adelaide Adelaide, South Australia
Elementary Primer of Field Propulsion Physics 
  by Jochem Hauser, Walter Droscher,
    HPCC-Space GmbH, Hamburg and Ostfalia Univ. of Applied Sciences,
    Suderburg, Germany, and others 
On the Possibility of ZPF Space Propulsion Systems 
  by Takaaki Musha, Advanced Science-Technology Research Organization,
    Yokohama, Japan 
Space Drive Propulsion System Founded on the Continuum Mechanics of Space-time 
  by Yoshinari Minami, Advanced Science-Technology Research Organization
    Formerly NEC Space Development Division, Japan 
Faster-than-Light Travel to the Stars 
  by Gary L. Bennett, Consultant in aerospace power and propulsion systems,
    Boise, ID, USA 


   タイトル:A Journey to the Stars
    By Means of Space Drive Propulsion and Time-Hole Navigation

   出版社 :LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing link
   価 格 :32.90 €

   内 容 :

   The theoretical method of “A Journey to the Stars” is treated in
   this book.

   The distance to a stellar system is too huge, therefore the travel
   to the fixed star nearest to the Earth using the present propulsion
   technology will require tens of thousands years.
   In order to overcome such a limit of the space travel between fixed
   stars, research and development of a new propulsion theory and
   navigation theory are indispensable.

   As a promising approach, space drive propulsion theory and Hyper-
   Space navigation theory given by a space-time featuring an imaginary
   time (i.e., Time-Hole) are introduced. Space drive propulsion system
   is one of field propulsion system utilizing the action of the medium
   of strained or deformed field of space.

   The curvature of space plays a significant role for the propulsion
   theory. On the other hand, a plunging into Hyper-Space characterized
   by imaginary time would make the interstellar travel possible in a
   short time.

   The Hyper-Space navigation theory would allow a starship to start at
   any time and from any place for an interstellar travel to the farthest
   star systems, the whole mission time being within human lifetime.
武捨代表理事の最新論文がUPされました。(フルペーパー link

 タイトル:Quantum Vacuum Energy, Gravity Manipulation and the Force Generated
      by the Interaction between High-Potential Electric Fields and Zero-Point-Field

 学会誌 :International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science
         Vol. 2, Special Issue Number 1, December 2014

     The idea of manipulating and using the energy associated to electrodynamic
     quantum vacuum, also known as Zero Point Energy (ZPE), for technological
     applications as, for example, interstellar space propulsion, represents one of
     the most challenging question both in theoretical and applied physics.
     During the past years B.Haish, A.Rueda and H.E.Puthoff proposed a model
     according to which inertia could be considered as the electromagnetic
     reaction force to interaction between a body and quantum vacuum zero
     point field (ZPF), opening interesting perspectives about manipulating
     inertia by electromagnetic fields.
     Nevertheless this theory, although interesting from both a theoretical
     and applicative point of view, is for from being complete and presents
     some questionable points.

     More recent results have suggested a novel model of quantum vacuum, 
     ruled by “Planck metric” and characterized by an energy density field,
     able to give a novel interpretation of mass and gravity in terms of variation
     of such energy density.
     In this paper we’ll propose an extension of this model allowing the
     theoretical possibility of inertia and gravity strength manipulation, as well as
     a more fundamental theoretical explanation of some assumptions of the
     Haish, Rueda and Puthoff model.
     In particular, it will be shown that not only inertia but gravitational
     “constant” as well can be expressed as functions of quantum vacuum
     energy density, analyzing their relationships with the electromagnetic field,
     described by vector potential.

     Finally we will discuss the possibility of space propulsion system by
     considering the interaction between the zero-point field of the quantum
     vacuum and the high potential electric field generated in an asymmetrical
     capacitor, showing the resulting force is driven by quantum vacuum
     energy density.

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